Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Upcoming Themes for KidLit Quotes

The first month this blog is launched (January 2010), you'll be reading miscellaneous quotes, probably mostly posted by me & a number of invited friends to start-- but please do start sending quotes as soon as you want!

Then I hope to do some themes month by month, such as:

February: Love (too obvious? from Love You Forever to Twilight, KidLit should offer plenty of quotes on this topic!)

October: Hallowe'en

December: Christmas & other winter holidays

We may not do a theme every month, just some of them. Other themes could include different genres (mystery, fantasy, historical) or topics. If you have a suggestion, please reply to the comments section of this post!

Sample KidLit Quote Blogpost Format

"Little girl, little girl, drink some juice

You think too much and your brain's come loose."

--Dennis Lee, from a playground rhyme in Jelly Belly

The part about thinking too much and your brain coming loose was stuck in my head last night as the idea for this blog was gestating.-- Donna Farley